by Erin Jade Lange

Butter has never had many friends.

He was never rude to anyone and always got good grades. Nobody ever saw that when they looked at Butter though; all they saw was an overweight high school student. Eventually, he got tired of the endless staring and looks of pity, that he made his website. Butter announced that he was going to eat himself to death. What did he have to lose? But when his website goes viral, it feels a lot like popularity. With all of the friendships and memories he made, Butter isn't sure if he wants to go through with his plan. Will he be a legend who leaves his life behind or will he chicken out and take the chance of losing all of his friends?

Man vs Self: Butter struggles with making a decision on if he really wants to go through with his plan of suicide by food.

¨I know, deep down, there was a chance I wouldn't go through with it or that it flat out

won't work . But I am not going to let anyone make that decision for me.

-pg. 217

This is a book of Courage and Fear

¨There are plenty of obstacles in life. Don't allow yourself to be one of them.¨
Let It Go - James Bay (Lyrics)