6th Grade Technology

By: Madison Weix

Units Done in 6th Grade Technology

Learn to Type

For typing you will be doing it through the entire semester. You get 5 minutes at the being of every class to start. Most if not all of you have already started typing last year. Starting in Intermediate, then to Advanced an so on. There are possible ways to earn a 4, such as for the first quarter you would have to get to finish Intermediate before the quarter ended to get a 4.

Career Locker

Mrs. Vandenboogaard teaches this lesson. She comes in everyday for the time period of this lesson. You will be exploring Career Locker and your dream job. Then you will use the information you get about your dream job for Haiku Deck.

Haiku Deck

In this you will be choosing and exploring your dream job. You will need to look through Career Locker to look at and get our information for the project. After you get all of your information you will put it all in Haiku Deck to present to the class.


In this project you are creating a iTrailer in the app iMovie. You can make it about yourself or your family, even pets and friends. For this project you can choose to present this in front of the class and will have to send it to Mrs. Myers in schoology.


In this lesson you will be going to the website Code.org from the lvwagner wiki page. You will be able to advance your coding skills in this unit. Some of you have already started this from last year while some of you haven't.

To earn a 1 complete stages 1 and 2

To earn a 2 complete stages 3, 4, and 5

To earn a 3 complete stages 6 and 7

To earn a 4 complete stages 8 and 9

Explain Everything

For this project you are working in the app Explain Everything. You have a choice from about 10 math problems and solve one of them. in this project you will have to record your voice while solving your problem.