Keeping Pace

Special Education update

September 25, 2015

Transition Focus

Just a few reminders:

  • For juniors, you must have a salmon sheet signed so we can contact MRS.
  • For seniors, you must select MRS in your 'contacts' for the IEP.
  • We are required to have a transition goal in Section 4 that directly ties to their transition information in Section 3. Please refer to emails from Spring for further clarification.

A Thought on IEP Accommodations...

As educators, we encourage students to advocate for themselves. We encourage responsibility,and empower them to be their own best advocate as they move through life. However, in the shadow of our high expectations, the accommodations we list are legally binding, and are only listed based on student need. From a compliance perspective, we can’t require student action for them to receive an accommodation - we are the required party for ensuring those accommodations are available. A student can choose to not use their accommodation – it is not about forcing them. We must continue to offer it.

If a student is consistently turning down their accommodation, we should reconsider whether it is appropriate, or whether something else will support that student and be more compatible. For your consideration as we move through another year of individualized plans....

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