Gray Wolf Gazette

March 14-18, 2016

Our Mission

Creating a community of learners where students' are actively engaged to reach their full potential and display positive character.

Character Trait for March 14-18: Flexibility

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MATH Problem of the Week

This week's new Math problem for MAP practice.

4th Quarter AM/PM Duties

Please check new duty assignments and some grade levels need to add their rotation for 4th Quarter. New assignments will start on Monday, March 14th.

We CANNOT control our students anymore than we can control the weather. What we can do, is give our students a REASON to do what we want them to do.

PBS Reteaching and Holding Students Accountable

PBS and research has taught/shown us that we must continue to teach and reteach our expectations even in March – May. I know it sounds redundant but practice, practice and practice is going to be key. We all need to team up to teach and reteach holding students accountable. Use the language and tie reinforcements back to the matrix.

Before there is a pattern of repeated behaviors occurring with students in your class, be proactive, and take a few minutes to pull up a lesson on the smart board and review the classroom, hallway, restroom, playground expectations, etc. Just pick one a day. All the lessons and resources are in shared folder. A few minutes invested now might save a lot of time later. Don't wait until the behaviors start increasing, get ahead of the game with your kiddos. Positively Reinforce the right behaviors and plan for successful end to the school year.

4:1 Positive Ratio Observations and Reminders

Remember that for every ONE negative or redirect we give a student, we must come back and point out FOUR positives that same day (4-1 Ratio). Students truly thrive off being held to high expectations, even if they act as if they don't. The high expectations come through mutual respect, which is built between teacher and student with a positive approach.

Think about any student you have had to keep in from recess or you have referred to the office. Have you reinforced the the right things they do also?

4:1 Ratio observation information will be shared with teams soon. Make it a priority, just start with one student if it is easier, and see how it makes a difference.

Remember: The relationship has to be there. If a student is repeatedly non-compliant or disrespectful, it is a relationship issue. If a student thinks you don't like them, that is a problem. You are the only one who can "fix" the relationship with the child. The buddy room teacher can't fix it, the principal can't fix it, you have to fix it.
"Fake it until you make it" if you have to, as the adult, you have to change your behaviors before the student will change theirs.

Relationships + Expectations= Compliance

Expectations - Relationship= Rebellion

Nuts and Bolts

Third Quarter ends March 11th and Grade Cards go home March 16th.

Please encourage students to return summer school forms ASAP. Using candy as a reinforcer for students who bring their forms back is entirely acceptable.

I've got a small amount of instructional budget left over to spend. Please come talk to me if you have any other requests.

Mark your calendars: March 15th Teamwork Tuesday will be Onsite Technology Support with multiple members of the Tech Team to help out, update, work with hardware, software, account access, and much more. All teachers will be expected to meet with them to make sure all technology is up to date. They will be sending out an email with more information.

Due to ICLE Trainings, the March Faculty meeting has been changed to March 30th.

We are looking for a few good parents to nominate for PTO board and committee positions for next year. If you have a great parent in your class, please ask if they might be interested and send Suzy their name! We need nominations by the next PTO meeting.

Infinite Campus grade books must be updated by the end of each Tuesday with the previous weeks grades.

Make sure your grade level team share files with math data are up to date by the end of each month.

Calendar of Events

Thursday, March 10

Angle, Carel, Juneau, and Dampf out all day

C. Smith/McCutchen, Sprenger out PM

7:30 Staff Appreciation Breakfast

7:30 Service Plan(St. Martins)

7:30 TST (Wigle/Lassen)

8:15 CARE Team meeting

8:50 Staffing Ludy (Welch)

9:40 SIW 3-Fucinite (Evers)

9:40 TST Bax (Roberson)

10:30 IEP Sprenger (M.Nevins)

1:20 RED Culp (J. Oawster)

1:45 RED Culp (Thorndyke)

3:30 IEP Carr (J. Williams)

6:00 PTO Skate Night (See you there!)

Friday, March 11

Spring Picture Day!!

Angle out all day

End of Third Quarter

9:00 IEP @ ECSE

9:40 TST Bax (Podorski)

12:00 IEP at ECSE

Sunday, March 13 Daylight Savings Time Begins

Monday, March 14

Carel/Wigle/Bosch/Dr.Wilson/Salmons out all day

Children's Literature Festival - Hendrickson/Sandhaus

Tuesday, March 15

Carel/Wigle/Dr. Wilson/Salmons out all day

Teamwork Tuesday: Meet with Tammy Ferry during plan times: Onsite Technology Visit

Wednesday, March 16


Dr. Wilson/Salmons out all day ICLE training

3:30 Staffing (Connor Thompson) 3- Versuleus

Thursday, March 17

Whitener out all day

Dr. Wilson/Sandhaus - MAP Training - 7:30

7:30 - Service Plan

8:50 RED Churchill (Richardson)

9:40 RED Bopp (Hohman)

9:40 IEP J. Bax (Holmes)

1:20 IEP Merk (Prey)

2:00 Harrison 5/6 Transition Meeting

2:10 TST Brewer (Meyer)

3:30 TST J. Bax (Hallum)

Friday, March 18

Bosch - all day; McCollum out PM

7:30 M. Spears meeting

8:50 Kampeter summative

10:30 Sprenger summative

11:00 504 Kampeter (Gernander)

2:00 Evacuation Drill

Staff Birthdays for March

Rachel Todd - March 5

Stephanie Kampeter and Christina Smith - March 6

Jessica Bax - March 20