Mrs. Wilson's Language Class

March 2-6

This Week

We finished our group books and started writing our letter to the author. I am hoping to finish these up next week.

We are putting an emphasis back onto writing. I have enjoyed reading the students' journals. We have some creative writers in the bunch. The writings range from mysteries, to comedies, to facts about their lives. I am happy that I started our journaling back up. Each week the students will be handing in one journal entry and we will be focusing on the grammar rule for the week. We focused on the comma rule of separating dependent and independent clauses with a comma.

Our comprehension article this week is called, "Up From Slavery". It is about how Booker T. Washington helped millions of former slaves go to school. This is a subject that is foreign to our students. The thought that certain people weren't allowed to go to school because of the color of their skin. I'm sure some students are jealous of Mr. Washington and wishing that they didn't have to go to school. The article talks about how, "An education gives a person power....".

Late/Missing Work

Please keep in mind that any assignments that are more than two weeks/10 days late will not be accepted. Also, 10% points will be taken off for each day an assignment is late. In Skyward, I will put comments in if the assignment is late. If the assignment is more than 10 days late, the assignment will no longer be marked as missing.

Important Dates

March 9- No School- PD Day

March 26- Scholastic Order due

March 27- End of 3rd Quarter

April 3- 7- No School- Spring Break

April 13- Parent/Teacher Conferences (3:30-7:30) More info to come...

Fun Reading Challenge

Here is a fun way to get some reading in. A 2015 Reading Challenge. You can do the challenge together as a family or challenge others in your family. Here is a link to the website.
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Smash Books

Smash books are the new way of journaling. I see it as a cross between scrap booking and journaling. I thought this could be a cool project to do at home. You can create a smash book as a family to record all of your memories. Here are two links and an example of a Smash book. There are several creative ideas that can be found on Pinterest as well.
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