Mobile Apps

A description of mLearning in the classroom

Splash Math

Splash Math is a series of apps made for ages 5-11, or kindergarten to grade 5, to reinforce math concepts. It works self-paced so students can work on the concepts that they struggle with the most at any pace they need. It covers topics from basic operations to geometry to data and graphs. In the classroom it would be a great practice tool for free learning centres or review of learnt/ past topics.
Splash Math - Fun Math Practice For K-5

A+ Spelling Test

This app is a fun way to learn spelling words. You can create lists with as many words as you like. You record your voice saying the words and the students can either practice or tests. Both will give you instant corrections if you spelled the word incorrectly.

It can be used in the class to teach or practice spelling.

Sock Puppets

An interesting twist on normal storytelling, Sock Puppets will record your voice and turn it into a sock puppet telling your tale! It lip-syncs your voice so it looks like the puppet is telling your short story. A fun, engaging way to get kids to share their stories in class because you can upload them to YouTube and play them for the class!
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Students can take pictures of whatever they like as long as they can tell a story about it! They could take a picture of their favourite place, their pet, or even something they like to do outside of school and record their voice talking about their idea.

National Geographic World Atlas

An interactive, fun way to learn about the countries of the world! This mobile atlas shows the countries, their capitals, the weather, and even distance between cities.


I books is now a built- in feature on all new Apple products. There are many children's books available to read and explore! It can be use for individual reading or for reading as a class. Some of the children's books are even interactive! They are best used on an iPad as the books do not quite fit on the iPhone screen.