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Fresh Air, Cool Breeze, Try Minnesota Please


-Minnesota Became a State in 1858

-Minnesota Has over 10,000 lakes

-The Largest lake in Minnesota Is Red Lake

-The Mississippi River Starts In Minnesota

-Minnesota became a territory in 1849

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St. Paul

St.Pual Minnesota is an awesome town to live in because:

-It's the Second Largest city in Minnesota

-Fort Snelling was also built here in 1819

Alexander Ramsey

Alexander Ramsey was important to Minnesota Because:

-He was the second Governor of Minnesota

-Served as Secretary of the war from 1879 to 1881

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The Picture Above is a picture of Alexander Ramsey

Here is a quote from Alexander Ramsey

"Our course then is plain. The Sioux Indians of Minnesota must be exterminated

A way to Come from the East

I think the best way to get to Minnesota from the east is to travel the St. Lawrence Seaway

By boat

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