John Dickinson

John Dickinson was born in 1732, his birth place was Talbot County, Maryland he was born into a moderately wealthy family. John Dickinson later won fame in 1767 as the author of "Letters from a farmer in pennsylvania, to the inhabitants of the British colonies" The letters helped turn public opinion against the townshed acts, enacted by the British Parliament, he also helped drafted the articles of confederation and craft the U.S constitution.

John Dickinsons final years

John Dickinson returned to Delaware where he divided his time between private life and political duty. Dickinson died on February 14, 1808 at his home in Wilmington Delaware
John Dickinson served in the confederation congress and was elected president of Delaware two years later (in 1782 he was elected pennsylvania president) Dickinson wrote series of newspaper articles in the Pennsylvania Chronicle that came to be know as "letters from a farmer in pennsylvania'