Sustain DCSD

April 2016

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Shout out to Jeff Houghtaling!

A huge thanks to Jeff for being awesome! Jeff is our Maintenance Lead for the Castle Rock region. Recently, we had a pretty yucky situation involving a leach field and school-based chickens. Jeff stayed cool, calm, and collected. He put together a simple and effective plan to solve the problem, while providing some excellent customer service to our teachers and building engineer. Thanks for doing what you do with positivity, humor, and excellent problem-solving skills, Jeff!
Innovation Award for Environmental Educators

We know you don't like to toot your own horn, but we think you should apply for this incredible award by May 16. DCSD has some of the best environmental educators around, let's make sure the next EPA Region 8 winner is one of you!

Creative Reuse at Sedalia Elementary

Sedalia Elementary's Mrs. Shaar in the SSN program approached their Sustainability Team with an idea of creating something for sensory skills. The 5/6th grade students studied sensory play in sustainability class. They asked "How can we fit sensory play into something sustainable that we can create here to help students with sensory skills?" Students re-used a large old pallet along with donated items that would be heading to the landfill and created a Sensory Wall.

Students have learned that sensory play supports many things:
  • gross motor skills
  • problem solving
  • social interaction
  • cognitive growth

Students have also learned how to be resourceful by reusing items to create something great for kids. The sensory wall has been up for 3 months and has been extremely successful, with adult monitoring, not only with our special needs students but students throughout the school.
USA - Taiwan Eco-Campus Partnership Due 4/8

Apply by Friday 4/8 to be a sustainable sister school to a school in Taiwan! Email Kamla Sullivan at

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Continental League Diversity Conference 2016

Maurice Toole, Planner/Scheduler for Operations & Maintenance, facilitated an interactive and impactful session on Diversity and Cultural Competence in February during the Continental League Diversity Conference. Thanks for rocking out an awesome session!

Students from 13 high schools attended, including Owen from ThunderRidge High School. Owen is a leader in PeaceJam and sustainability efforts, and even made sure the Diversity Conference had an option to recycle. Amazing leadership, Owen!

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GreenWorks! Grants for Environmental Service-Learning

Apply for $1000 through Project Learning Tree to support your sustainability projects.