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Robot Apocalypse?

Robots have began to attack the entire world! They say an intelligent AI robot named Archos, has sent out a virus to destroy mankind. All technology has been bugged to kill and take over the world. The virus cannot be destroyed unless we destroy Archos and the rest of the robots.
Cars, planes, and everything programed to run by an engine has been in infected by the virus and has been trained to destroy anything and everything. We must defend ourselves to keep humanity intact to this earth! We must rebel against the robots and destroy every machinery against us.The robots are after us and they will not stop until they achieve complete annihilation. -Chad Paris

The Brightboy Squadron

The Brightboy squad is the most rebellious militia squads to take down the robots. The Brightboy squad is lead by Cormac Wallace and his ambition is to regain the human reign. Since Zero Hour has occurred we have been attacked from all angles of our technology. The virus has been designed to destroy all of humankind and the Brightboy squad is rebelling against them to save our souls.
The Brightboy squad has recently joined forces the with the Freeborn squad to take down the Archos tower in Alaska. Archos has been hiding in this Alaskan tower for the last several months and it has just been discovered by the rebellious squadrons. This could lead to the downfall of the Archos and most importantly the robopaclypse. -Chad Paris

Robots Strike Again!

Another Archos robot has attacked humans. The robot went into a local Waffle House and murdered four people. The company has provided compensation to the families involved but nothing will replace the ones they have lost. These attacks are becoming more and more frequent and yet there seems that there is nothing we can do to stop these horrible crimes.

We as a people need to stand together against this corrupt corporation and get rid of these monsters. We give them access into our homes even though they cannot be trusted. We know almost nothing about Archos and yet they are controlling almost every aspect of our lives. We need to fight back.