Willa Cather

Brilliant novelist.

'Stotted from the bottom... (Early life)

  • Willa Cather was born in Virginia on December 7, 1873.
  • She was given the birth name "Wiella" by her parents Charles Fectigue Cather, and Mary Virginia Boak.
  • Her family moved to Nebraska when Willa was nine in pursuit of good farm land.
  • Will described Nebraska as a "place where there was nothing but land; not a country at all, but the materials out of which countries were made...Between the earth and the sky I felt erased, blotted out".

Pictures of Nebraska:

...now we here. (Career)

  • Cather moved to Pittsburgh in 1896 to write for Home Monthly, a women's magazine patterned after the successful Ladies' Home Journal. She later became a telegraph editor and drama critic for the Pittsburgh Leader and frequently contributed poetry and short fiction to The Library, another local publication.
  • During her first year in Pittsburgh she wrote the short story "Tommy, the Unsentimental," about a Nebraskan girl with a boy's name, who looks like a boy and saves her father's bank business.
  • The Troll Garden was her first set of short stories, published in 1905
  • Cather's first novel, Alexander's Bridge, was published in 1912.
  • Her Prairie Trilogy was praised by Sinclair Lewis because it made "the outside world know Nebraska as no one else has done."
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