Geography of Southern Africa

By: T.W.H. 6

Victoria Falls

Victoria falls is a basalt cliff waterfall meaning it is made of basalt. It is located at the wing of Zimbabwe. It attracts tourists much like Niagara falls in northern USA.
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Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is a cape at the south-western part of the country. It is very important because it provides a very good port and city. It also holds the largest city in South Africa: Cape Town.
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Cadinda is a provence of angola. It is one of the largest fish exporters in the world. It also has oil. It is in the red, Angola is pink, green is RC, blue is DRC.
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Kalahari Desert

The kalahari desert makes up most of Botswana and a third of Nambia. It has diamonds. it has a lot of life roaming it's land.
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Luska is the largest city in Zambisa. It is the fastest growing city in all of africa. It is also the capital and has about 1,700,000 million people.

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Orange river

The Orange river is the longest river in South Africa. It is very important because a lot of people live by it. It also gives Hydroelectric power to the people who live near it.

Limpopo River

It is the second largest river in africa. It waters crops and farms. Zambezi (bull) shark can go up stream for quite a wile.

Zambezi River

It goes through Angola, Zambia, Nambia, Botswana,Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. It is also a hydroelectric power source. Just like the Limpopo river, sharks swin up-stream.
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Namib Desert

It is located on the coast of Nambia. The Namib is the oldest desert in the world. At the coast, fish very plentiful.
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