Second Assistant Director

Second AD

What are the activities this person performs?

  • The second assistant director is the right hand to the first assistant director. They make sure that the directions of the first assistant director is carried out.
  • Each day they have to make a make a call sheet which tells people at what time they have to be on set and where on set they have to be
  • They also make sure that the actors are in the they're costume and make-up at the right time
  • They are also in charge so the extras and getting them where they need to be on set and location

What college can i attend to pursue this career?

  • To get a job as second assistant director, it is recommended to have a degree in film and production (you should also take a course in the entertainment business because you will always be working with the cast and crew contracts)
  • colleges that you can attend include:
  • UCLA
  • New York Film Academy
  • Full Sail University, which is notorious for its wide variety of degrees for the film industry (in California or Florida)

what is the salary range for this job?

  • The second assistant director makes about $2,000- $3,330 a week
  • Example: Deadpool took about 60 weeks to film, so the second assistant director, Dan Mansfield. made about $120,000- $199,800 upfront

Who is there boss?

  • The second AD can given task by the Director and the first AD
  • When making the call sheet fort he next day, they work with the production coordinator

Why is this career interesting to you?

Second assistant director is an interesting career to me because upon my research I found that it is closely related to being a stage manager. For example, they check on the cast and that they are where they should be on set. Both the Second AD and the stage manager are constantly busy with their work and that's something that i like.