Early Education

Emergent Curriculum for Pre-school Children

What is Emergent Curriculum?

Emergent Curriculum is a non-traditional style of teaching that presents children with the gift of discovering the world around them by encouraging them to explore life through their own interests and passions. It is “child lead” or “child based” learning as a opposed to “teacher directed” learning. Emergent Curriculum validates a child’s curiosity in learning and enables them to follow their passions.

What does an emergent curriculum look like?

• Daily journals with photos and written evidence of learning

• Weekly classroom documentation displayed

• Monthly portfolio additions for individual students

• Student-led expeditions, inquiries and investigations

• Field trips and excursions outside the school

• On-going staff training and professional development

• Regular activities involving community members and families

• Activities in the areas of dramatic play, block, science, sensory, literacy and manipulative, at the school and on the playground.

• Opportunities to experience conflict, negotiation and resolution in a safe setting.

• Opportunities to run, jump, sing, dramatize, rough-house, wiggle, write, read, create original work, and YES - hit, kick, yell, throw, catch - all with appropriate targets of course – and nurture, feel, cry, hug, feed, care, wonder and more...

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