By: Valerie V., Kayla C., Yolanda M.


Year Born: 53 A.D.

Year Died: 117 A.D.

Birth name: Imperator Ceasar Nerava Traianus Divi Nerva Fili Augustus

Predecessor: Nerva

How Became Emporor

Emperor Nerva formally adopted Trajan in 97 AD, Upon Nerva's death January 98 AD. One of his first acts as emperor was to free those unjustly imprisioned during Emperor domition's reigion

Major Achievements/Failures

A great deal for the citizens of Rome. He considered a form of social policy, he started a program to provide financial aid for parents who couldn't support their children. But he also was known for building (Road, Bridges, Aqueducts.) Trajan was not merely a military leader.

Improvements to Capital City

It was elected con soul, or head of the senate, in 98 AD., Which brought him to the Capital City.



Year Born

76 AD

Year Died

138 AD

Birth Name

Publins Aeluis Hadrainus Buccellanus

How He Came To Power

Inherited the power