George Washington

1st president of the United States of America

Biography 1

Born on Feb 22, 1732

Died on Dec 14, 1799

born in Westmoreland, Virginia

John Washington, George Washington's great grandfather, has migrated to United States, Virginia, from England. John Washington was granted lands by Henry VIII. They were puritans.

biography 2

Washington fought against French back in the 18th century and claim a enormous victory. After the war, Washington was given the roll of British General Edward Braddock's army in Virginia in 1755. He became the commander of the Virginia army at the age of 23.

biography 3

George Washington resigned his commander in chief rank after the gain of independence. People wanted him as a king but he wanted a freedom democratic country. He made United States of America to be democratic country.

He established Federal government.

Washington kept US neutral during France and England war.

Organized the first United States Cabinet and the Executive Branch
Established the United States federal judiciary
Oversaw the ratification of the United States Bill of Rights

Biography 4

After his presidency, he joined the army of Hamilton to fight the french. He only lived 2 years after his presidency so there are not much to about him after his life of presidency


Success: he became the 1st president of the united states, created federal government and successfully developed a running country

Failure: his failures were old fundamentals. such as slavery. back in the days, slavery was okay so he was fore the slavery.


He had a lot of people voting for him to be the king so he had lots of followers.


George Washington did not need any slogan or campaign. He's gaining independence from England gave him more trust than anybody else.

Member's of Cabinet

George Washington’s cabinet included just four original members: Secretary of StateThomas Jefferson, Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of War Henry Knox, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph.


Although George Washington won the independence, he would not be elected in our society today. He has several different beliefs than what we have today. he is also a puritan and our society is mostly christian. He is also fore the slavery but today, slavery does not exist.