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Good old Bobby

A man with the talent no one has. Golf, Bobby Jones started at a young age and then end up being one of the greatest golfers of all time. He was twenty one when he got big and one multiple trophies for years to come. He hated practice but he became so good that practice was a thing in the past. At first Bobby had a bad start but then things got better and he was the first person win the British Amateur, the British Open, the U.S Open, and the U.S Amateur. Winning the grand slam was a beauty for him until he retired at the age of twenty eight. Even though he quit the sport he had all do respect at, kids were still motivated from him to follow there dreams. Bobby was a good man but eventually he begin to suffer atrophy and pain on his right side he then died on December 18, 1971. It was a tragic too everyone but they knew there each citizen had a part of his determination with them. That's why we consider our man Bobby, one of the greatest Golfers of all time.
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  1. Who signed Bobby Jones to make films.
  2. What was the name of the show.
  3. How did the show always end.