By: codey row, jordan payne, Ulices parra

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Name / Nickname

Neptune, Earth shaker
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Domain / Natural Association

Poseidon is the god of the sea. Poseidon is the god of earthquakes and horses.
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Symbols / Weapons / Tools

Poseidon symbols, Weapons, Tools are the trident, Sacred animals, and the chariot.

Character/ personality traits

Poseidon was considered to be the bad- tempered, moody and greedy god.
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Other Forms

Poseidon would transform into a horse, a bull, sea weed, an ash tree, and a dolphin

GIfts and inventions

Spear, horse, and he gave a city a useless fountain.
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Family Lineage

Zeus is his brother same as Hadas. Others are Demeter, Hera, hestia.

Modern day uses

Trident gum, Featured in sponge bob, trident in little mermade.
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