The Temple of Athena Nike

By: Ivy Merrifield and Abbigail Hooper


The temple of Athena Nike is located in Province of Salerno, Italy. The temple was worshiped by mostly Athenians who worshiped her because her powers were wise and she was known for her wisdom and ability to help others craft. So if they worshiped her they would get what they wanted back. The temple was built in 447 BC by architect Callicrates.

Location of Temple of Athena Nike

The temple is located in province of Salerno, Italy.

Who worshiped the temple

Athenians would go to the Athena Nike temple and worship her.

why did they worship the temple?

She was known for the guarantee of giving back what you wanted when you worshiped her, and she had great wisdom and abilities.

Dates and Architect

The temple was built in 447 BC by architect Callicrates and is still standing to this day.
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