Unit 5 Revolutions and Nationalism

D'undre Brown

Report Card

Catherine the Great-79/All she did was build monuments but try to expand her empire.

Louis XIV-69/Building the palace of versi but increased taxes.

Philip II-90/Supported the golden age of Spanish art and defended catholics

Peter the Great-80/Westernized his empire and became a Czar

Charles I-71/He built the Buckingham Palace an historical place but did offend Parliament

Scientific Revolution affects my life by..

The scientific revolution effects me by introducing me to the world of cells that we wouldnt be able to see with out it. It helped development tools and instruments that will help us medically.

Nationalism is..:Pros and Cons

Pros: Can bring the country together as one.

Cons: Cultures can get taken out for one culture to rule over others.