Going Google

Volume 3 ~ Issue 3

Favorite Posts for Google+

Have you been looking for a way to bookmark your favorite posts in Google+? The extension, Favorite Posts for Google+ is your solution.
This awesome Chrome Extension adds a favorite star under each post in your Google+ stream, just click the star and the post will be added to your Favorites.

You can access all your Google+ Favorite listings in one stream from the left sidebar, under the Home menu link.

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TLDR - Too Long Didn't Read

Are you looking for a way to teach summaries or quickly scan an article? Then, try adding the Chrome extension Too Long Didn’t Read, otherwise known as TLDR.

Go to the Chrome Web Store, and add the TLDR extension.

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Watch the magic that TLDR works as it gives you four different summary options.

Use to teach summaries as well as to quickly scan information.

Hour of Code and Google Single Sign On

By doing a little bit of setup ahead of time, you can have students join Hour of Code easily through the google sign-in button and then inputting your class code.

Teacher steps

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Add your class section.
  1. Click New Section. Give it a Section Name.
  2. For Login Type choose email.
  3. Pick the grade level and course you want to assign.
  4. It will give you your section code. Make a note of it.

Student steps

  1. Go to code.org
  2. Click Sign in with Google Account
  3. Students will add their age and gender and click Sign-Up.
  4. When asked, they will enter the Section Code.

See the video below for detailed directions.

Start a class for Hour of Code

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