Come join me to this beautiful journey with BREATH OF BLISS

Explore the possibility of allowing yourself to let go of the old stuff in your life and welcome the new things in your life as the new moon also comes in. Learn to forgive everything that we are holding on to something or someone. Be more open to love to give and to received.

As we welcome the new moon this is the perfect time for reflection letting go of the old stuff that were holding on to and open our heart for forgiveness. On this journey of Breath of Bliss Breathwork will take you on a discovery, on a place of wonder where we learn to let go and forgive and welcome things that are new into our life.

Its a ceremony that invites you into oneness with...

movement, deep sharing, conscious loving exercise, Yoga, Pranayama, sound healing, an hour of circular connected breathing

Gain clarity, boost creativity, release stress, amplify intuition, realise your wholeness, connect to the spirit, activate your highest vibration to love.

Let go and forgive through Breath

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013 at 4-6pm

North Plaza Beach Discovery Bay Hong Kong ( Will meet at the Tower outside welcome shop at the North Plaza shop 3:45pm ) Take bus C4 or C9 Stopping at the North Plaza

What to bring wear: Comfortable clothes-If possible all white to match the colour of Clarity and the white is nice colour on the beach. But if you don't have white clothing any colour is perfectly fine.

What to bring: Your beautiful self, yoga mats, water bottle with water( you will be needing something to drink after the breathing very important!), your favourite sarong for comfort. You might to take any jewelries that meant something for you that you want to take for your journey ( this is optional).

Investment: HKD 150

For more information:

Email: andreabateman30@gmail.com

Website: www.breathbliss.com