by manuel escamilla

thesis statment

This is going to be about information you might not have known about the god zeus.I will explain to the reader who are his parents and how he is very well known.
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In the website (swide.com) it gives most of all of the information i will be using to explain to the reader about the god zeuz.the main idea that will be in this will be the facts that you probobly did not know about zeuz.


Cronus is the father of zeuz and the mother is reha they had many children named Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. But here is were things start to get wierd the father of all of them as soon as they were born he would swallow then whole.

but then the mother and other people found out that zues was going to be over throwing him from power they quikly tried to do somthing from keeping zues from eating his aswell.


He was never without the symbol of kings and gods which symbolizes his bravery and greatness. he does so much for the god people fights off enemies. And because he is the strongest and most well known god out of all of them.


the explanation is that he is the strongest god because its what the article is telling me all you need to know is on the article I will be posting the article on the last title spot. And Zeus is the only one that has fought of enemy's to protect other innocent people who are not gods.

concluding statment

the concluding statement is that Zeus is very well know for very brave things he has done for the people and for being able to control lightning and for being the protector of his other brothers from getting eaten from his father.