iPad Appy Hour

December 2015

One Minute Reader

Times students for one minute and will level their fluency.


Estimation game using questions that the kids make up on their own.


10 Frame Fill

Use chips to count up to ten.

Art of Glow

Trace and write words or letters for practice.


Learn letters using the sound with different activities.


Create a story using the Story Arc template

Sock Puppets

Create scenes using animated sock puppets. Record and save your narration for later.

Comic Puppets

Create animated scenes with comic type animations.


This app makes kid friendly presentations that can be used to present material to a class or turned in to the teacher.

Class Dojo

Classroom management app-

Parents are connected.

Can send announcements, emails, and pictures to parents. You also get a read receipt once the parents have read the email.


Turns your camera into a scan tron

See Saw

App for communicating with parents.