Don't Palm Us Off

Protect, Support And Don't Palm Us Off


Our campaign goal is to fight extinction against Orang-utans, Sumatran Tigers, Asian elephants and many more. The main cause of extinction is Palm oil. Everyone is demanding more palm oil so this is causing deforestation. We are going to reach this goal by not eating or using ANY palm oil products for a week. To sign up you can donate $25. By just not using Pam oil products for a week their will be such a big difference within the ecosystem. We are aiming to reach a total of $10,000. We would like this fundraiser to continue on even after the week. We want to reach a goal where people can eat food without palm oil for a long period of time.

How to help

A way to help is not to use palm oil products For a week. This event will start on the 12th of December and will end of the 19th of December and will start at 12am. A lot of everyday things you use contains palm oil, like Shampoo and Conditioner, Pizza Dough, Cosmetics e.g. Lip stick, powder, Instant Noodles, Detergent, Soap, Ice cream, Biodiesel, Bread, Cookies etc. At the end of the week we will also be having a dinner to support everyone achievements.
  • Will we make our aim?

If we were not to make our goal we would not expect nothing to happen as if we were to earn nothing we would be happy as we know that their are people out their not eating anything with palm oil and saving at least one tenth of the deforestation.

  • When are we not eating anything with palm oil?

We have now finalized the date and it will be the 12th of December (12am) and ending on the 19th of December (11.59 pm). The dinner will be set on the 19th of December which is a Friday night at 7pm. We are still finalizing the location.


WHO: We are wanting to help the orang-utans fight extinction.

WHAT: We are having one week for everyone to not eat or use anything with palm oil in it.

WHEN: We want this to happen for the 12th of December to the 19th. But we also want people to stop using palm oil products forever.

WHERE: You can participate where ever you live in the world.

WHY: To stop majority of palm oil production, as a result of safe orang-utans, tigers, etc.

HOW: All you have to do is donate $25 and you get a list of products you can buy and a $50 to spend on non-palm oil products. At the end of the week every one will get a free dinner at any given restaurant.