Follow Copyright by Copying Right!

By Lauren Nutter April 20th, 2015

We all like to copy! But is it right?

We see beautiful photos online and watch inspiring videos on YouTube that NEED to be shared with the world. But copying the information to our page is basically claiming that we made it. In order to copy correctly we need to know about copyright laws!

Question: What is Copyright?

Answer: Copyright is a law that protects artists, thinkers, creators, and inventors. Their work can be protected from distribution, manipulation and profit gains among other things. Look for the small copyright symbol (c with a circle around it) on work to know that is is copyrighted.

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However, some artists, thinkers and creators want their work shared. They do this through Creative Commons. This is a place where they can tell the world to what extent they want their intellectual property used. They can set perimeters so that their work can be mass distributed but never manipulated, changed or profited off of depending on their settings. Check out Creative Commons to learn more! It's free and easy to use! This nonprofit organization lets you use works by others by clearly showing you the reserved rights of the work. It's easy to search for images and videos and see exactly what the artists allows.

What if the photo doesn't have a Copyright symbol or a Creative Commons symbol?

It could still be copyrighted!

Just because you find an image that is free of copyright symbols, creative common symbols and watermarks doesn't mean it is public domain and free to use. Someone could have altered the image to remove the marking and re-distributed it.

Conclusion: Always check with the creator first... unless you are using it in fair use.

Watch the video below to learn about what works can be used under Fair Use. Listen for the four main factors to think about when determining if using work is fair use:
  • the nature of the copyrighted work
  • the purpose of the use
  • the percentage or portion of the work being used
  • the effect of the use on the owners income
That's Fair Don't Care: A Rap About Fair Use


Images and videos found through Creative Commons and Flicker

Images by: Jayel Aheram

Colored Mari

Kristina Alexanderson

Horia Varlan

Video by: Iris Maslow