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Heather Hewitt;Editor In Chief

The horrors of some women and children

Atlanta,Georgia- These days little kids and women are forced to work in factories for as little as four cents a day. Some have to stand the whole time until everyday and eventually become flat footed which is very painful. People actually have the nerve to still call it okay. Is it okay for kids not to be able to come out and play? Is it okay for them not to have the chance to go to school? Or see the light of day? We need to stop this.
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Fight For Your Country!

Washington D.C- I Want You For U.S. Army, Your country needs you. We are at war and this is your time to serve. The Military is looking for men between the ages of 21 and 30. The new selective service act that congress has passed requires any men between these ages to be drafted into the armed forces. This is a good thing because we need all the help we can get at a time like this. If you wish to object to this, you can visit your local draft boards and turn in a application. All though your board does have the option to deny your application and then you must take a position or face prison.

North Carolina

In Kitty Hawk North Carolina in 1903 the Wright flyer made first flight.

Wilber and Orville Wright were brothers, inventors and pioneers of aviation. On December, 17 1903 they succeeded flying for the first time. They got the idea for wings on the airplane from the way birds fly. They now are filing contracts for airplanes in the U.S. and Europe.

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The famous painting the American Gothic was made in Iowa and was based off of Iowa scenery. The American Gothic was painted in 1930 and the artist was Grant Wood. He visited the small town of Eldon in Iowa where he was from and spotted a barn with an over sized window, which took up the background of his painting. The people spotted in the painting were his sister and dentist playing the roles of a father and daughter. They were wearing clothing similar to the pictures in his family's albums. After this he was inspired to paint the picture of his dentist and sister. Wood first showed his painting at the Art Institute of Chicago and won a money prize and became very famous after that.
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There river in Louisiana makes up 40% of America's wetlands. This river is the Mississippi River it is 2,552 miles long. The width is between 20 and 30 feet wide The average speed is 1.2 miles per hour. At New Orleans the river flows 3 miles per hour. It covers about 40% of the lower 48 states. It is the fourth largest watershed in the world.
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Arlington's National Cemetery granite headstones come from Vermont where people say is the "nicest granite". The Granite industry took off just after the war of 1912. This stone industry was started in Barre, Vermont where people would cut into hills and use it to build sidewalks and parts of homes. Barre supplied the stone for the state house of Montpelier. People came from all places to help with this economic boom.
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Don't Waste Your food.

Washington D.C., Help the soldiers fighting for your country in this difficult war. Try to use less wheat and meat so we have more for are soldiers and any way you could reduce your food supply would benefit them. When having people over or just a meal for your family serve just enough. Use any leftovers so you don't need to go buy more food. Think about what you are buying before you buy it and if you actually need it. Everybody should be thinking about these points in a time like this.

The Battle Of Somme

River Somme, France- November 2nd, The battle of Somme has finally ended. The British have suffered more than 57,000 casualties at the beginning on July 1st and the French only suffered 2,000. On this day it is reported the French have had around 200,000 casualties with the British at 420,000 casualties. The war started because Germany invaded France so the British being allies with France both attacked on July 1st. This was one of the bloodiest battles in history. We have also discovered different warfare the first tank "lil Willie" was here but sadly wasn't able to make it across trenches. In the future they are hoping to work on this. This is a battle we will never forget.
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For sale: Telephone in good condition! Only used twice, can negotiate a price.

Wanted: In need of vacuum! In the range between 200-300 dollars.

Services: More rights for women! Support equal rights for all. Women will help our country too.

Wanted: In seek of Radio for 100 dollars.

Services: Contact Dr.waller for any urgent medical needs. He does house calls $50. 319-223-4452.

For sale: Jazz music lessons! contact George Hewitt. 319-432-8291 $15 a lesson.

Babe Ruthe's moving to New York!

New York City, NY- The Yankees have announced their purchase of George Hurman Ruth from the Red Sox for 125,000 dollars. Ruth played six seasons with the Red Sox leading them to three world series. Babe Ruth was born February 6,1895 in Baltimore, MD. His nicknames include, "The Bambino and "the Sultan of Swat". The first team he played on was the Boston Orioles before being sold to the Red Sox. In 1918, he proved himself as an amazing pitcher and hitter. The Yankees are very exited about the new addition and can't wait for the upcoming season.

The One and Only Charlie Chaplin!

London,England- Our own Charlie Chaplin is starring in a new silent movie called 'A women of Paris". Charlie was born April 16, 1889. Charlie had a rough childhood with his father being absent and his mother admitted into an insane asylum at the age of 14. He also started films at a young age when he was a part of Keystone studios at the age of 19. In 1919 he co founded his own company called United Artists which gave him complete control of his films. I expect to see great things from Charlie as you should too.

"I have many problems in my life. But my lips don't know that. They just smile." -Charlie Chaplin

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Should we take control of hawaii?

Washington D.C- Many Americans are beginning to believe it's time to claim territories abroad. New markets and a military advantage sounds good for our country. Some are saying that we should also spread are religious beliefs. We are looking at taking an island 2,000 miles west of California, Hawaii. It will be an ideal spot for coaling stations and naval bases for ships traveling to and from Asia. We eventually will send over missionaries to spread Christianity and hopefully will over throw the monarchy so Hawaii can be the 50th state.