Endangered and Extinct Species

What you can do to help!

Reasons For Exctinction

Some reasons for exctinction is

*Global Warming

*Comercial Building

*Climate Change

*Habitat Destruction(e.g logging,pollution)

*Humans Selfish Reasons(e.g building sites)


We all heard all of this before. So why does it still happen? Because some people don't care about all these endangered species. So we can all help stop this by doing little thing such as putting our rubbish in the bin and using public transport more to help stop Pollution and Global warming.

Ways YOU Can Help Endangered Species

-One of the most important ways that YOU can help is:

*to build birdfeeders or birdbaths in your garden

*to clean out rubbish or weeds in the habitat and replace with native plants, allowing them to regenerate


-One of the most important ways EVERYONE can help is:

*to protect the animals habitats permanently.


Endangered/Exctinct Species List

Endangered __________| Exctinct


*Red Wolf____________| *Dodo

*African Elephant ___| *Thylacine

*Tasmanian Devil ___| *Baiji
*Snow Leopard ______| *Saber-Tooth Tiger
*Red Panda __________| *Mammoth
*Giant Panda ________| *Steller Sea Cow
*Siberian Tiger ______|*The Quagga
*Australian Sea Lion|*Great Auk

These are just some of the animals that are extinct/endangered.

Habitat Destruction

Some ways that habitats are destroyed are logging and pollution. When someone throws a piece of plastic on the floor when the winds blow it will blow into the ocean some innocent turtle will mistake it for a jellyfish and consume it the choke on it. Another way is logging. When you chop down trees the animals living in it will not be able get back up and live in it.