Jacob Edwards

rihnos are just fat unicorns

"Who am I?"

I am a person who values work environment, money, and other things. I am interested in computers, architecture, and music. I am skilled at finding out how to build things and at reading music. I have high self esteem, and I am an auditory learner.

Where Am I Going?

My career as a...

As an architect you talk with the client and try to get the building to match the discription

as well as possible. You make about $73,090 a year. There will be plenty of jobs in the futer. it is in the architechture and construction cluster. You work full time.you work in and out of a office. Architechture has been around forever.

How do I get There?

I might go to Univercity of Florida. It is in Florida. I want a band scolorship.