Spring Break 2K16

By: Telisha Crook

Map Of My Travel

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Sunday and Monday

I didn't go to church on Easter Sunday because I was helping my sister pack. So, on Sunday my mom woke my sister and I up and got us matching bunny head charms for our Pandora bracelet. On Monday, I went to Warner Robins with one of my best friends, Olivia. We went to Fort Valley State University to go to her brother probate. Now he is apart of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.
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Tuesday and Wednesday

On Tuesday, I Just got back from Warner Robins so I didn't do nothing. I was a little sad because Tisha moved but I know I was going to come see her on Sunday. I would've went to Atlanta on Tuesday but my mom didn't want to drive me up there. On Wednesday, It rained the entire day so I stayed in my bed and watched Netflix.

Thursday and Friday

Thursday started off with me going to Sonic with Megan and Aaliyah. Lauren mom is running for Superior Court Clerk. So Lauren met us at Sonic and after we left sonic we helped her mother campaign. After the campaigning was done we went back to Lauren house and watch empire and I spent the night. On Friday, Aaliyah and Lauren spent the night at my house.


Saturday was a very busy day because Lauren, Aaliyah, and myself had to hide presents from a soon to be three and five year old. Their birthday party was at Fun Park. When we got Fun Park we all wanted to act like big kids. We got on the race cars about three times and played laser tag four times. Aaliyah and I got hurt playing laser tag the last time because they hit us with the gun.


Aaliyah had to babysit her nephew she couldn't come to Atlanta with us. So at seven in the morning we started heading to Atlanta. When we got to Atlanta my mom took us to the Georgia Aquarium. It was a super long walk from the parking lot to the Aquarium. In the Aquarium we saw a 4-D movie, the Dolphin Tales show, and the Sea Lion show. I was excited because I love jellyfish and I took some awesome pictures of a jellyfish. I forgot the name of it.