Mrs. Coleman's Weekly News!

August 31-Sept.4

Literacy Activities!

This week we continued review of uppercase and lowercase letters. We played a large group game at the big board using cards with letters showing in both cases. Each table was a team, and took turns to come to the board and write the opposite letter they were given from the card. For example, if their card was (T), they had to write lowercase t and say the sound. If the table was correct they were able to score a point for their team. Everyone did a great job playing the game, and helping classmates that needed it!

We introduced new Amazing Vocabulary Words, (preparation, cooperation, proud, creation, float and guide). We read the book, "We are So Proud" and made story connections using new vocabulary words. Everyone continued phonics sorts this week and changed sorts on Thursday. They are continuing to sound out sort pictures using phonetic spelling, write the words and for those able, they are beginning to use words in simple sight word sentences.

Math Skills

In Math this week, we continued work on number recognition from 1-30 using a variety of Math Centers. They played number Bingo using numbers 1-50, wrote and identified numbers 1-40 using a number chart/dry-erase boards, and played a card matching game of numbers 1-30. They also practiced writing numbers using correct case/ form, and focused on 2 dimensional shapes. They recognized and labeled all 2 dimensional shapes and made a shape robot to share with the class,

Social Studies/Science

This week in Science/Social Studies we began discussing jobs and what jobs people have. We discussed as a group why people have jobs, and gave examples of jobs around us. They each listed jobs they would like to have and told their explanation. Everybody had very interesting jobs ideas! :) This week we will specifically work on identifying community jobs and why they are important. We started working on Leaf Journals and will continue them this week. Thanks for leaves that are coming in!


1.) Leaf Project!! Please get as many leaves from around the U.S. as you can!

2.) Specials begin THIS Friday September 11! Please have a solid shirt with khakis and gym shoes!

3.) Please check folders nightly for new papers that may be added, and refer to the weekly sheet if you have homework questions! :)