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What its about.

Its about a very good baseball player and he gets chosen into this team to play with but none of hi friends get invited to play. He tries to ask his dad to see if his best friend can go with him to this team. But that is not the only thing he has to figure out hes also trying to figure out whats going on with his parents and if they are getting divorced.


have not gotten to far into the book but i have came across a few powerful parts. On page 19 Josh said "i don't have anything to say to you" I thought that was powerful because that is normally not like his character and it showed he was really in a bad mood about everything that was going on.



This book is very good and i would recommend it to anyone who likes sports or baseball in general. I would give this book 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5 from what i have read so far.