Neuse River Basin

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Stretching 248 Miles from the falls Lake Reservoir Dam in the Piedmont to its mouth at Pamlico Sound.The Neuse River Basin is the longest river Located in North Carolina.

Major Cities

New Bern, Raleigh, Kinston, Goldsboro, Durham, and Smithfield.

Counties located within Neuse

The Neuse River Basin holds 19 Counties in total. The Wake County it the main county within it, Including Durham County .

Headwaters and Source Region

The Neuse River , whose other major tributaries include Crab Tree, Swift and Contentnea , Creek and the Eno , Little and Trent Rivers .The Neuse River once flowed from Eno and Flat River.

End of the Jorney

At the New Bern it turns brackish , widens and travels sluggishly as it becomes a 40-mile long tidal estuary that empties into the Southern end of Pamlico Sound .

Miles of Streams and Rivers

3,409 Miles

Total Acres of Lakes

17,446 Acres

Total Acres of Estuary



6,062 Square Miles


1,687,462 (2010 U.S Census )

Tourist And Attractions.

  • Apex Community Park
  • Cary Park and Preserves
  • Cedar Island National Wildlife
  • Contentnea Creek-side Trail Park
  • Garner Recreation Parks
  • Legend Park ( Clayton)
  • Lake Johnson (150 Acres)
  • Lake Lynn (60 Acres )
  • Lake Michie (540 Acres)
  • Little River Lake (510 Acres)

Native Plants


Cardamine Douglassii

Seabeach amaranth


A Big threat to the Water Quality in the Lower Neuse River Basin are large qualities of nutrients , primarily from non-point sources, with 60% of the Nitrogen being overloaded.
Pollution could come from fertilizers and animal waste washed from lawns, Urban developed areas, farm fields ,and animals operations. More than 400 sites are allowed by the government to discharge their waste within the river.

Native Animals

Nuese has Played a prominent role in the states fishing history . The river and streams of the Neuse River are areas for Shad, Striped Bass, Catfish , Bass, Flounder, Blue Crab, rare snails and other anadromous.

Miscropterus Salmoides - Bass

Morone Saxatilis - Stripped Bass

Siluriformes - Catfish
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Fun Fact of the Neuse River Basin

The Neuse River was named by the English Explorer Arthur Barlow in 1584.
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