Job Shadow!!!!!

By: Yitsel Hernandez

Watkin's Farm

Well for my job shadow i did it with a family friend. I did it at Watkin's Farm in Wake Forest . The name of the Supervisor at the Environment and Natural Resources Business is Teresa B. Lee. Mrs. Lee has many responsabilities in here farm because she is the owner and the one in charge of doing all the job. Mrs. Lee offers her service 7 day a week, overnight stabling and Veterinary care.Some of the things that Watkin's Farm offer are ;

  1. They provide pasture horse boarding so that they can guarantee you that you will find your horses just as you left them
  2. They also have single horse boarding available
  3. Also provide excellent care and have shelter available for all horses
  4. Its family operated and on site
  5. They raise mini donkeys
  6. Lesson offered and pony rides
  7. They are also the most competitive on price and the also believe that boarding your horses should be a good financial experiences instead of exhausting!!

Look and Feel of Watkin's Farm and What I enjoyed!!!

Watkin's Farm is a small farm but is the best and execellent service they can offer you. Your able to help with the small ponies. You feel good in the way that you can get time to see beautiful animals and that you can be helping around like feeding them and see how they interact with us. I really enjoyed it because i dont get the chance to share time with horses, donkeys, and ponies, work with them, and how they act which i find it very interesting and cute.

What Did I Learned From This Job Shadow?

From this job shadow i learned that is a very important job with big major responsabilites of course just like any other job, but on this job you know animals depend on you and how you treat them. Also you get to learn things about horses which not many people may know and gain knowledge.

Would I Consider This As A Career?

Yes it was a great experience spending time and observing such interesting animals ,like what they do but i say No. I say it because yes they are beautiful animals and i like them but its a big responsability and is also you have to enjoy doing and be passionate about it.

Would I Recommend Watkin's Farm For Someone Looking For An ENR Business?

Yes i would recommend Watkin's Farm for someone who is looking for an Environment and Natural Resources Business because they are very responsible people who enjoy doing their job and also teaching others. Also being a great farm know for doing a great job working with horses and doing their job right so that their customers can be satisfied!