Ms. Mary's Class

Class 2C at the Elementary School, ASD, Doha.

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Week 13 & 14, December 3rd, 2015

Dear Parents,

Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes, gifts and home-made goodies! I felt very special on the various days that I got to celebrate! Some clouds (rain clouds!) do have a silver lining!

Although we have an International Buffet this coming Wednesday, December 9th, please also pack a snack and lunch for your child in case they cannot find something on the buffet that they like.

We are eagerly awaiting the announcement by the Principal of the November winner of the competition for the class that walked most orderly in the corridors and didn't slam their cubby doors while other classes were in session nearby. Watch this space!

IF you're wondering what's happened about the Movie nights, read on ...

Kind Regards,

Mary Mulqueen

Information book on Incredible Aquaria, by 2C - a work in progress!

2C has been involved in a shared writing (teacher and students write together) project to complete an information book on Aquaria. This is significant because we have had an opportunity to transform our classroom turtle tank into a habitat for goldfish. As we researched and grew our knowledge about aquaria together, we wrote this book, page by page over the course of the unit. After shared writing of each page, some very industrious class helpers re-wrote the pages onto A3 sized paper, during their recess time. We will assemble and display those pages in the corridor for all to see. You may see the completed book in the Grade 2 corridor next week, above the other fish tank which we have also regenerated (lots of big words in this unit!). We are very proud of our two beautiful and lively fish tanks.

Upcoming Events...

International Week Dec 6th - 10th

  • December 6th: Opening Ceremony *encouraged to wear traditional dress

  • December 7th: National Costume Day

  • December 8th: Sports Jersey Day

  • December 9th: International Buffet & Qatar Colors Day

  • December 10th: International Week T-shirt Day and Closing Ceremony

International Buffet on December 9th

  • ALL families are asked to contribute food (No sign up)

  • We need TONS of servers (sign up link in Sahifa)

  • Information poster is in Sahifa (and attached to this email if you'd like to share it)​ ​

  • This event is not a family event. It is for the students of ASD in conjunction with International Week.

Share Your culture

International Week is approaching and grade two is looking for parent volunteers who are willing to share a bit about their culture with their child’s class during snack time. This is a 15-minute period of time when children are sitting at their desks eating and enjoying their snack. If you are interested in sharing with your child’s class about your culture, please email your child’s second grade teacher.

In the past, parents have shared such things as: images of clothing, a piece of music, and some decorations. But we welcome anything you feel would help to grow student understanding about different cultures. All will be much appreciated. As we will be visiting the International Buffet on Wednesday, sharing food from your culture isn’t necessary.

Information Reading & Writing Units

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Subject Updates

  • Math: With the beginning of our Geometry unit students have begun to look at polygons. Students are using the number of sides and angles to identify specific names such as: triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, and hexagon.
  • Reading: We continued to grow our knowledge this week by reading across two or more books on the same topic. Using context and text features like headings and captions, helped us to build knowledge of words we didn’t know before.
  • Writing: In writing we asked if our Table of Contents matched what we had written in the chapters. We also re-read our books with the reader in mind and tried to anticipate what extra information a reader might want from our book.
  • Science: This week we began our Weather Unit. Students learned about air and experimented with the force air has on light weight and heavier objects.

Retelling a story continues to be an important skill in G2

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Movie Nights

There are two upcoming movie nights both organized by high school students for their service learning projects. The outdoor movie RIO is on Dec 10th, proceeds benefit Syrian Refugees. The rescheduled Minion movie will now be on Dec 15th. If you previously purchased tickets you may attend, ask for a refund, or donate that money to the cause. If your child did not sign up but would like to they may still do so. Please stay tuned for paper clarification, most likely to go home next week.

ASD 2016 Calendars FOR SALE! ​

The 2016 ASD Calendars will be for sale in the Elementary Office starting Sunday December 6th. These make great gifts for friends and family, get yours today!

Tuesday After School Activity Pick Up

Parents picking up students from After School Activities on Tuesdays should enter through Gate 8. A kind reminder to all parents to bring and display your ASD Dragon Card at all times while on campus.

Playground Reminders

Students are not allowed on the playground equipment at Gate 5 until after 3:15 PM. Children MUST be supervised by an adult at all times. Adults must be present on the playground and be able to see your child(ren). If children are left unsupervised they will be asked to leave the playground immediately for safety reasons.

Library Relocation

The Elementary Library will be moving temporarily to the rectangular portion of the Elementary School Cafeteria. Students will be able to check out double the amount of books for the next week and library classes will be held in students classrooms during this transition.The library will be operating on a smaller scale for the remainder of the school year. We thank you for your patience and understanding while our brand new library is being built.

New Dismissal Procedures

Starting Sunday, November 15th, Lower Elementary Students will be dismissed from the round portion of the Elementary Cafeteria inside. Please look for your child's classroom teacher and stand clear of the door ways so that students will be able to enter safely and quickly. Upper Elementary students will be dismissed outside of the cafeteria in the tree court yard. We ask that parents continue to walk around the outside of the buildings to get to the cafeteria.

Grade Two Lunch - changes

Grade Two students will be eating their lunches in their classrooms starting on Sunday. We ask that parents send lunches with their children the week of November 15th-19th. More information will be sent home regarding pre-ordering lunches for students who wish to have food from the cafeteria. Pre-orders will take place next week for students to start receiving lunches November 22nd.

Nut Allergies

There are students in your child’s class who have nut allergies. A child with nut allergy can develop mild or severe reactions if they come in contact with the said allergen. Please take note of the following measures:

· Please be considerate of your child’s classmates when sending in snacks (avoid sending any nuts or nut products)
· Children should be encouraged to wash their hands before and after lunch, prior to returning to the classroom to avoid any cross-contamination.
· For any special occasions, please be reminded that any food brought in to the class should be nut free.

Please contact the nurse office or your homeroom teacher if you have any questions or concern. Thank you for your cooperation
Raz Kids

So many more reading resources here. Class name username is mmulqueen2, no password is required.

BrainPop Jnr

Userame is ASDOHA. Password is Dragons. Great Science videos here

Visiting Author Alan Durant

Author Alan Durant will be visiting ASD Elementary School students and signing his books on November 24th & 25th! Alan’s main focus is on writing from real life experiences and interests – whatever the genre explored – and he believes passionately in the importance of writing as self-expression. To learn more, visit his website:

A limited number of books will be available, please check the Library section of Sahifa for the order form or see the attachment in this email.