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Date: December 28, 1896

New Radiation Discovery

Today a new wonder has been introduced to the world. Today a German scientist named Wilhelm Rontgen has published a paper on a new type of radiation call the, "X-Ray", or "Rontgen Ray." These rays in a way can be used to take a photograph of a person's skeleton. Rontgen was able to create these rays by generating an electrostatic charge towards a piece of cardboard with a special coating called,"barium platinocyanide." Thus creating a picture of ones skeleton.

U.S. Acquires 45th State

Date: January 4, 1896

As of today the territory of Utah has become the U.S. Sate of Utah.
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Cars: No longer Rich Toys

Date: June 4, 1896

Henry Ford has invented the first affordable automobile. The name of this vehicle is," The Quadricycle." It seats two people, has 4 horsepower and can reach up to 20 miles per hour. Its listed selling price is $200.
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Twin Shaft Disaster Ends With 58 Dead

June 28, 1896

Early in the morning on June 28th ninety men and boys were working at a mine in Pittson, Pennsylvania when the roof of the mine quickly caved in. The concussion from this explosion could be heard from lies around and shook nearby towns. Rescue crews could not find any bodies reportedly 58 men and boys were killed in this accident. The most likely cause of this disaster was improper placing of the support beams. Over 31 wives were widowed and 101 children left orphaned.
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