I Want to be a Farmer

By Lane N.

What is a Farmer?

A Farmer is a person who grows crops and breeds animals to profit off of consumers.

Farmers supply certain supplies needed for a civilization to function.

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Who needs the services of a Farmer?

Some people that need the services of a farmer are families, companies, countries, cities, and stores.

How could we find what a day in the life of a Farmer looks like?

  • Interview a Farmer
  • Learn about it in college
  • Visit a Farm

Example of two events in the day of a Farmer

  • Planting crops using a tractor
  • Calculating cost for seed and profit from growing

What type of education does this career require?

  • High School Diploma
  • Agriculture or related discipline
  • Voluntary Certification as a Farm Manager
  • Able to effectively communicate with workers, analyse livestock and land quality, and make hard decisions

Why would someone want to be a Farmer?

  • You can make a reasonable profit
  • If you enjoy farming
  • Better food
  • Interaction with animals

What is the toughest job demand for this career field

The toughest job demand is the training as a Farmer.
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