Opium War

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Opium Wars


In the 1830's sense they out lawed the amount of gold you could export 7,303,841 worth of silver was imported where as they wanted to import $25,548,205 in syce and 3,616,996 in gold. In this time period thy had many quantities from silver to gold.


The sale and smoking of the drug was banned by Emperor Yongzheng, but 100 yars later there was still strong demand and the British were exploiting it.


In 1832 they formed Jardine Matheson and Company, based in Canton, Southern China (now known as Guangzhoo) in the 13 factories district - the only area of the city where foreigners could trade.


In 1939 the royal Navy sank a number of chinese vessels near guangzhou. In June 1840 a fleet of British warships sailed into China's Pearl River Delta and unleashed a barrage of violence, overwhelming China's weak coastal defenses and bringing the country to its knees. In June 1840 the british fleet of 16 warships and 27 transports carrying 4,000 mean arrived in the Peral River Delta, near Humen. By January 1841 the british had captured the bogue forts at the pearls mouth and controlled the high ground above the part of canton.