It's Science time!

Minutes from the Science meeting.

  • After going away to look at the specs and exams for the GCSE exam boards, we decided on AQA. I spoke to them yesterday and they are going to come in and meet with us as a team, to go through the specification and give us details about GCSE changes.
  • We decided on the Activate scheme over the Hodder, owing to the clunkiness of the Hodder package. Deborah Barnes from Activate was due to come in this afternoon but has tonsillitis and so she has sent us a log in and Mark will be showing this to you in the MAL tonight.
  • With year six we are going to consult with phase one and two and I am going to create a SOL based around enquiry / project based learning. This will focus primarily on working scientifically and building skills ready for year seven. I have spoken to Chris Penny and I am in touch with Pip the science co-ordinator and we will get together early next term to do some initial planning.
  • BTEC - we discussed the need for certain BTEC sheets and to clarify this, Mark is going to go through the sheets with you tonight.
  • I am putting together a calendar for next year, which will have all deadlines, intervention review dates, MALs, moderation dates etc and so I would like to know what you think should be included. Please can you email this to me, as soon as possible - see the actions box.
  • I am going to be conducting a review of the prep room in the next few weeks and so I would like everyone to complete a short SWOT analysis - strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Could all staff who work / use the prep room please complete this ASAP. I will be discussing this with Gill and Kim in more detail as soon as we get back after Easter.

Changes for next year...


Carly's SEN slot...

This week Carly spoke to us about outstanding use of LSA's in lessons. Tips she presented were:

  • Attaching documents that will be used in lessons on email correspondence.
  • Sending emails to LSA's so that they know what they are doing well in advance.
  • Giving LSA's target students or groups to work with in order to raise attainment / deal with behaviour.
  • Asking LSAs to provide verbal feedback - using success criteria and learning goals to guide this.