4th Six Weeks SWAG

ELAR - 6th Grade

Today's Agenda:

This session will focus on getting you acquainted with the some new features of the 4th six weeks curriculum:

  • 4SW Overarching Curricular Thoughts
  • Pacing Calendar
  • Unit Foldable
  • Jigsaw with unpacking of unit

Engrade Content v. Pacing Calendar Content

  • TEKS are listed on pacing calendar
  • Links directly to resources
  • Based on feedback from teachers
  • One source

Create Foldable and Jigsaw Unpacked Unit

  • Create your foldable
  • Each group works on a specific section of the foldable
  • Doc Camera Share Out: Gist of section, literature, TEKS/skills, activities
  • Q&A Time
  • Work together in groups to begin planning next six weeks. Consider working with someone from a different campus

Need more information?

Melanie Sangalli, ELAR Coordinator - msangalli@irvingisd.net

Gina Locke, Academic Specialist, Bowie - glocke@irvingisd.net

Emily Kelsay, ELAR Teacher, Travis - ekelsay@irvingisd.net

Courtney Stevens, ELAR Teacher, Bowie - cstevens01@irvingisd.net