King Arthur

The King

King Arthur

King of England

Founder of the Knights of the Round Table

Betrayed by his wife, Guinevere, and his favorite knight and friend, Lancelot

Family Ties

Father was King Uther and his mother was another man's wife but Uther made Merlin disguise himself to look like the woman's husband. Because of the affair a child was born and was given to Merlin so he would hide the boy for his own protection. The child was given to a peasant who raises him as his own son. This boy was King Arthur and he grew up without any knowledge of his royal background. He later finds out about his royal blood when he pulls the sword out of the stone (the magical sword that was given to Merlin by the Lady of the Lake), which only the true king could do, proving that he's the rightful king.

Arthur also has a half-sister (she has different roles and different versions), Morgan Le Fay. She believed that she was the rightful heir to the thrown because she was the first child of King Uther. She made multiply attempts to take the thrown, one being that she slept with Arthur and conceived a son, Mordred. The boy was raised to hate Arthur which fueled his position in Arthur's downfall. Morded was able to help with the plan to bring down Arthur because he was one of the knights of the round table.

Role in the Story

Arthur is the king of England and when he assumes power the country is being torn apart by war. During this time he was given a round table which once belonged to his father. This table becomes very important because Arthur used it to unite the country and defeat the Saxons through the creation of the Knight of the Round Table.

He's the main character and the hero of the story and without him there wouldn't have been the legend of King Arthur.

Arthur's Downfall

His downfall was caused by multiple people but some, such as Mordred, Guinevere, and Lancelot, had bigger roles than others. It began while Arthur was off looking for the Holy Grail, leaving Guinevere alone where she realized her love for Lancelot, Arthur's best knight and friend. This leads to an affair between the two which Mordred sees as the perfect possibility to overthrow his father. He convinces the rest of the knights to capture Lancelot in the act but Lancelot escapes so they take Guinevere instead and she is to be burned on the stake for her treachery.

All this lead to the fall of Camelot. War begins and Arthur dies in battle (in most versions they all end with Arthur dying in some form of battle or war). Although many versions have him dying in different battles against Saxons, Lancelot, Mordred, Morgan Le Fay, Romans, etc.

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