Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By the interviewer Zioné Orsmskerk


I had the honour to interview the one and only Zenna Liekens. We talked about her life and the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Are you interested in our conversation and her answers?

Zenna Liekens

About Zenna Liekens

Zenna Liekens was born in 2002. She grew up in Rotterdam and also lives there. Zenna has one brother Jonas. He is 19 years old. Zenna likes to meet with her friends. She is 13 years old, but she reads many books. Zenna loves reading, but she can be critical.

About the book

The book

The book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is written by Roald Dahl.

The main characters of the book are Charlie, Mr Wonka and grandpa Joe

Charlie Bucket is a little twelve-year-old boy. He is very thin because his family is poor. Charlie is a helpful Child. He loves grandpa Joe's stories.

Mr Wonka is the boss of the chocolate factory. He is a crazy, but creative man. Mr Wonka wears a black top head and a tail coat made of a beautiful plum coloured velvet. His trousers are bottle green and his gloves are pearly gray. In one hand he carries a fine gold-topped walking cane. Covering his chin there is a small neat pointed black beard. And his eyes are the the most marvelously bright

Grandpa Joe is a really old man. He is 82 years old. He lives in bed. He never comes out of his bed (only one time). He is also very thin.

Zenna told me what the book is about:

Charlie and his family are very poor. Every year on his birthday he gets a chocolate bar, he loves chocolate. A day there was a article in the newspaper. Mr Wonka wrote in the article that 5 golden tickets are hidden in the chocolate bars all over the world. Whoever finds one of them gets a tour in the factory.

Charlie is the lucky guy and found one of these tickets. He goes with his grandpa Joe to the Factory. The other four children ( who found a ticket too) with their grownups can't behave in the factory and taste candies or other things . They all are aliminated. Charlie was left over and Mr Wonka asked him to run the factory when he is old. Charlie said 'yes' and goes with his family to the chocolate factory. They are going to live there and they are no longer poor. They all can eat what they want.

Zenna's opinion about the book

Zenna has read the book and does not like it very much. She doesn't hate any special part of the book, but she don't like the long-staple writing of the author.

Zenna likes the book the Black Swan, because it's more her style of reading.

She is going to read the book Mathilda the next time. She want to read another book from Roald Dahl, because she wants to see of all his book are written like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It was a great experience meeting and interviewing Zenna Liekens.