Gift Cards for CHOP

Lilah Israeli

Looking for Gift Cards

I went to Wawa, Starbucks, Walmart, Michaels, Target and Home Depot asking for gift cards with a letters about my project and page on the TCA project. Walmart was the only store who gave me a gift card when I went. Every other store said they can not make the decision and that we need to call the store and ask the person in charge. I followed up and my mom and I called. When we called they said to email them. We emailed the stores who told us to and no store followed up and gave us anything except Wawa who mailed us a bunch of free hot beverage coupons.

Giving the gift cards

I delivered the gift cards to CHOP. I was very happy getting to know that my TCA project paid off. All the children and the childrens' parents can use the gift cards as needed. I hope that the children like the Walmart gift card so they can play and get toys. I also hope the parents find the hot beverage coupons help so they can get caffeinated beverages and stay awake for their childrens' needs.


CHOP is the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It is one of the best children's hospitals in the world. I gave gift cards to CHOP but you can give toys and money and they would take it and would be very grateful. The children get bored at CHOP because they are getting expensive treatments and they need time to play too. You can help CHOP and that would be very nice.