Geometry Centers

1 - Study Jams - Classifying Quadrilaterals

Begin by watching the Study Jams - Classifying Quadrilaterals. Make sure you watch the step by step, sing karaoke, and then test yourself. Screenshot your score and keep it on your desktop.

2 - IXL

Work through these IXL's - Z.1, Z.7, Z.5, Z.6, Z.2. Please work through them in that order. Some of these you may have already done for homework. Complete the ones that you haven't done first and get them to 80%. Then, you can work the other ones up to 100%.

3 - Moby Max Math

Work through your Moby Max Math lessons. Make sure you stay on the lessons portion. These lessons are based on where you tested on the last diagnostics test. These lessons will really help to see what to expect in 6th grade math.

4 - Quadrilaterals Scavenger Hunt

Use the people in your group to move around the room for the quadrilaterals scavenger hunt. Find different examples of the quadrilaterals that we have talked about in class. Use this Google Form to tell me what all you have found.

5 - TenMarks

Work on the TenMarks class work assignments that are out there. There should be two assignments for 5.G.3 and two assignments for 5.G.4. The four assignments should only have 5 questions.