Converse's Team Update, Sept 11

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!

Celebrations and "family/team" updates!!!!

  • No Converse birthdays this upcoming week.
  • As I drove here this morning in a slight drizzle, I was reminded what a great start it has been to the year. The rain made me grateful for no inside recess days before now and no rain at arrival or dismissal times. That helps our students so much with learning procedures and handling a change in the procedures if necessary but when thinking of that it also caused me to reflect about what a great start it has been this school year. I love seeing such great teaching up and going and procedures so well rehearsed! We/I am very blessed to have each and every one of you a part of our team. Thanks for all you have done to help make it such a great start to the 15-16 school year. Have a great Friday and weekend and know I will be looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Team Announcements

Items in bold print are new to announcements.
  • If you are in over the weekend, please make sure to check that lights are off when you leave and that you have locked any inside door that you unlocked. (Last weekend, 2nd grade student restroom lights and the kdg. hallway lights were left on and the workroom office door was unlocked.) Please know that the kdg. lights have to be manually turned off because the "stars" activate them. (See Bob if you plan to be in that hallway so he can show you how to turn off the lights.) Also a good reminder to make sure all outside doors latch when you enter and exit them. Thanks for keeping the building secure and costs down on behalf of taxpayers!
  • Sept. Lounge Clean up Crew: Kindergarten staff
  • Next Friday is our Aug/Sept birthday lunch. Come hungry on Friday and plan to eat with us in the lounge.
  • Faculty meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 3:10 in the library. Agenda includes: safety and future meeting topics/format. Come with thoughts on what is our best use of faculty meeting times.
  • Constitution Day is the 17th. Please plan a lesson or activity tied into the constitution.
  • This upcoming week is the last week of the respect pillar - focus and the We All Matter Character play. Also it is the last week to earn the first Behavior Boogie.
  • Starting a week from Monday, September the 21st, the "shuttle" buses will be leaving our building by 7:45 each day. If your children ride a shuttle bus to another building, please make sure to have them out with the buses by 7:45. One positive to this change is that this will allow our shuttle buses to arrive well before 8:05 so fewer students should be eating breakfast in your classrooms. Please remind your students to hustle to the cafeteria in the mornings if they are eating breakfast as I find "dawdlers" in the hallway each morning. :) I have asked Jackie to keep all kiddos in the cafeteria to eat unless they arrive after 7:05 (7:06 or later), please talk to me if that doesn't work best for your class or for a specific student. Thanks.
  • Recess balls: I have put a "1" on balls that belong by the first grade doors. Please have the kdgers and 2nd graders check their balls when they bring them in. If they have a "1" on them, please have a responsible student walk the ball(s) back down to the first grade doors. Thanks on behalf of the first graders!
  • There is an electronic field trip form to complete on the OH website under staff forms for future field trips. Please use that form.
  • Let's plan to do our first Code Red drill on Tuesday, Sept. 15th, following announcements. This is the lock down procedure. Feel free to walk your students through the procedure on Monday and then we will conduct the drill on Tuesday.
  • Due to a prior commitment, Katie is going to be out of the office all next week. Wish her safe travels and a great time off and try to think ahead in case there is something she would typically be the one to do something for you. Bonnie Bernard will be her sub and the rest of us will attempt to fill her shoes.

Team Focus

Enjoy some Friday fun...

Check out the video below to take a moment to be reminded about one thing we LOVE about our students. :) They definitely say the darndest things...
The Best #1 Kids Say the DARNDEST THINGS (B.V.V. Certified funny)

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