Lamma Island

By Angus Yiu


Welcome to Lamma island. This is a island shaped like a 'Y'. Before, there were really little people living in this island but since the transportation of ferries and the environment of Lamma island got better, many people started to go into the island and live in the island. Now many people in living in Hong Kong take a break and go to Lamma island on a sunday to enjoy some country side air
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Tin Hau Temple

The temple is where you can pay your respects to the gods and make a wish. If you fancy, you can also pay a few dollars as well. Also, Tin Hau is the goddess of the sea and anybody tied up with the sea would go to worship Tin Hau e.g. fisherman. And as I might have said before, the lions were broken in the 1960's and was replaced with western style lions.
Vlog #30 - Visiting Lamma Island in Hong Kong - Aug.23.2014
Eating Prawns on Lamma Island Hong Kong

The video above is about the food in the sampan seafood restaurant.

My thoughts and feelings

I think Lamma island is a great place for people from HK to relax and take a break from their busy lives. The beaches are really pure and clear due to the regular clean of the beaches. The Sampan restaurant is also really nice as there is eye catching view of the sea and the sky while you enjoy the seafood. But although there are lots of these really nice things surrounding this island, when you hike through the "forests" there are lots of mosquitos following you around and if you are a visiter and forget to bring insect repellent then well... oops.

Did you know?

Chau Yun Fat was born on Lamma Island on the18th of may, 1955

there are no transports except for bicycles on Lamma island

it is just over 13 square kilometres.

(this is by Angus Yiu 7E)