I Am Me

By Mackenzie Acevedo

I Love Animals

I Love Animals because they are cute and soft . My Favorite animals is a dog because you can cuddle with him or her. The other animal I like is a baby kitty because they are so cute

My favorit movie is Step up in 3D

The reason I like that movie is because I like the dancing in the movie. I love their outfits in the movie and shoes. the last reason I like the movie some much is because I love the character in the movie and the dancing.

My favortie place is Wildwood

The reason I like Wild Wood because you can go on the rides . You can go on the beach play in the sand and go in the water and lay out in the sun and get a tan. You can play games on the broad walk .

My favortie song is stand by me by Prince Royce

The reason I like that song is because it is a good song to dance to. I love all Prince Royce songs. I like how the people in the video dance to stand by me.

My favortie book is the Hunger games.

The reason is because it is a really good book . I like the character she plays in the movie and book. I think she did a really good job at play in the the book and movie.