School Creation

By: Chris and Kevin

from the 1800 and on the school was not only available to the wealthy but to everyone in british society but before only wealthy or what they were taught at by there parents was it. this made the country boom and they became more of a wealthy society full of inventors and innovators also then the world caught on on the idea more success only leads to the countries success. many people the government at the time created the public school system and now kids did not only know about just sunday school or dame school but they had a some what education at the time. acts and laws of 1833,1844,1868,1870,1880,1902 where all acts of school like fosters act and secondary school systems.

new school is way better and more funded on and have more levels and majors more opportunities the creation was later bettered and innovated making todays school almost meaning everything for people pursuing careers and success we now have man more acts and many other countries that caught up and also had there own laws too.