SSHS Library Newsletter

Winter Edition

What's New In the Library?

Seniors will be visiting the library soon to write, film, and promote a book review about their favorite SRC book. Fliers promoting these electronic book reviews will be displayed throughout the campus. There will be QR codes that students can scan to view the videos. Underclassmen will be viewing these videos in their English classes and using them to create a reading plan for the second semester. If you would like to view the seniors' projects, you will need to download a QR code scanner app on your smart phone or device. Any encouragement you can give to the seniors is greatly appreciated.

See the sample flier and video below, from a 2015 grad.

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Ready, Set, Research!

Students need help with online searching. Their first response to a research assignment is going to Google, typing a search term, and choosing one of the sites on the first page. Good research skills require so much more. At SSHS, our students learn how to use advanced search techniques - first in our databases and then using a targeted Google search.


There are amazing resources in our Gale databases; you and your students are able to use these databases 24/7 with password access. In these databases you and your students have access to high level research, including:

  • refereed journal articles
  • reference book articles
  • current newspaper articles
  • images
  • audio
  • maps
  • primary documents, to name a few.
Other helpful features in these databases include:

  • electronic note-taking
  • CCSS standards based lesson planning
  • APA & MLA citations
  • the ability for teachers to save articles in Google Classroom and then assign these articles to their students.


Of course you know Google, but do you know how to use Google advanced search features to search by domain and by file type? Do you know how to use Google Doc features to search for free, public domain images and then get MLA, APA, or Chicago citations for these images? Do you know how to find and insert famous quotes, or access Google Scholar research right in Google Docs? Can you find and export tables? These are just a few of the cool tools found in Google Docs.

If you would like help using these features found in our databases and in Google and Google Docs, or you would like me to teach your students how to access these resources, please let me know. I'd be happy to work with you and your students. I also hope to present these skills at the upcoming Core Connections. I'd love to have you join me there.

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Recommended Websites

Below are several outstanding websites. Please note the first resource. It links to a site that is hosting a GLOBAL online conference for students and educators. You and your students can participate in a discussion on the future of educational technology with students and educators from around the world. This conference is scheduled for January 30.

Trivia Quiz

In Honor of the new movie, this newsletter's topic is Star Wars. Test your knowledge. The first person to get all answers correct receives a prize.

1) The gangly smelter droid "8D8" works for whom?

a. Han Solo b. Jabba the Hutt c. Darth Maul d. Darth Vader

2) AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) Walkers make their first appearance in which Star Wars film?

a. The Return of the Jedi b. A New Hope c. The Empire Strikes Back d. The Attack of the Clones

3) The English actress Daisy Ridley plays which character in "The Force Awakens"?

a. Kylo b. Rey c. Snoke d. Poe

4) Mark Hamill first appeared in which Star Wars movie?

a. A New Day b. A New Hope c. A New Dream d. A New Force

5) The Force Awakens is set how many years after Return of the Jedi?

a. 50 b. 30 c. 20 d. 40

6) What color is the lightsaber used by Yoda?

a. Red b. Green c. Blue d. Yellow

7) What is the name of the icy planet on which the rebels have made their base in "The Empire Strikes Back"?

a. Toth b. Loth c. Hoth d. Goth

8) Where does Han put Luke to keep him warm at the start of "The Empire Strikes Back"?

a. Launlaun b. Tauntaun c. Waunwaun d. Faunfaun

9) How many languages are we told the humanoid robot character C3PO speaks?

a. 17,001 b. 7 c. Over 6 million d. Over 22 million

10) In which Star Wars film do we see Luke Skywalker born?

a. Attack of the Clones b. Revenge of the Sith c. Return of the Jedi d. A New Hope