Organize newsletters into Folders

Use Folders to keep track of your newsletters

If you've created a bunch of newsletters and want to organize them, our folder feature is the perfect way to keep everything in order.

Check out the steps below to make your first folder:

1. Go to "Your Newsletters"

Click on your name in the upper right corner and it will take you to your newsletter library.

2. Select "Create a new folder"

On the left side, click the blue "Create a new folder" button and name your new folder. Then select "Create folder."

3. Add Newsletters

Once you are in your folder, you will be able to add newsletters to it. At the top right, click on the green "Add Newsletters" button

4. Select the newsletters you want to add

A list of all of your newsletters will appear. Mark the newsletters you would like to add to your folder by selecting the small box to the left of each newsletter. Once you've made your selection, click on "Add newsletters to folder." You will now see your selected newsletters in your folder.

Shortcut for Adding Newsletters into folders

Under the "All Newsletters" section, you can add individual newsletters into designated folders by moving your mouse over the newsletter's image so that the "Edit" and "Options" buttons appear at the top of the image. Click on "Options" and select "Add to folder." From here, you can select the folder in which you want to place your newsletter.

Remove a newsletter from a folder

If you would like to remove a specific newsletter from your folder, you can move your mouse over the newsletter's image so that the "Edit" and "Options" buttons appear the top of the image. Click on "Options" and select "Remove from folder." This will move your newsletter from the current folder to the "All Newsletters" section on the left side of your dashboard.

Delete or Rename a Folder

When you are in your folder, you are able to rename it or delete it. You can do either by selecting the grey "Settings" button next to the "Add newsletters" button at the top right

Need more info?

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